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Zigma5 works great with the low internet speed even!

Company: Zigma5

User: Smith

I cancelled my service with Nextiva once my contract expired with them and explored few hours on net to find the top phone company based on my requirements. I got multiple quotes and spoke several VoIP providers after about 3 weeks of my research I finally decided to have Zigma5. One thing that I liked the most was the fact that they provided a 30 day money back guarantee. They setup my account very fast and I received my phones in 2 days - which is pretty amazing for ground shipping. I contacted their customer support team to get help for setting up my auto attendant and my employee account. Generally I am so far experience any major issues with their service and I would recommend them for anyone who is interested in getting a new service. As my business increases I will carry on adding lines of service.

Zigma5 Vs Ringcentral And Nextiva

Zigma5 Office!

Makes your business communication easy, cheap and accessible from your home, office, or wherever you need to be No contracts and zero setup costs Say Goodbye to complex hardware, lengthy installation and technical expertise, Functionality and flexibility to easily connect with customers without high charges or hardware hassle.

Zigma5 Office is a cloud-based business phone and fax system. It connects a hosted phone system with advanced call and fax management, guaranteed phone and fax service, and full-featured IP phones that reach pre-configured and ready for use. With this exclusive system of Zigma5 Office, you can easily link your office, remote and mobile employees under one phone system, in spite of their location.

Not like costly, conventional phone systems, Zigma5 Office can be easily purchased, activated, setup and managed online.

Company: Zigma5

Customer Review:

Zigma5 is a great package for the price. I haven't had any issues and they have really nice and smart people in support. I’m paying around $30 per month and the features that come with my package are the best.

Zigma5 Vs Nextiva and Ringcentral

Zigma5 Phone Services

With Zigma5 phone services can help you save thousands of dollars on your phone bills! VoIP phone systems help to make complex technology and complicated communication systems easy to use and accessible to all sized businesses. Even small businesses can benefit from integrating VoIP phone systems into their setup because it lowers prices and lets small business to use big business setup. You'll be able to have faster communication, easier calls and spend half the money. You and your customers will appreciate it, too.

Zigma5 will save you money by giving you a cheaper cost for phones, including international calls and long distance calls. Most systems can save you 50-80% of your old phone bill costs!

Company: Zigma5

Customer Reviews:

I found Zigma5 on Google. When searching for phone companies I called a few and got estimates from all of them, and most important to me was service quality. I was searching a company that was big but treated customers like a new startup - based on the research and talking to friends, Zigma5 was the choice we made. The customer support team was helpful and did not mind that I called him a million times before joining...

Zigma5 Vs Ringcentral and Nextiva

ZIGMA5 phone system comes along with excellent voice quality

Company: Zigma5

Customer Review:

When I was getting Zigma5 system, I was quite confident about their products performance and I can say that I still am. The best thing I like about them they are cheap but they still care. I used three IP phones and three lines of service and constantly impressed by the call quality and ease of use as well as the setup provided by this company. I am certainly enjoying the fact that they are my phone provider. Everything has been ideal and I've been telling my friends I have a good deal in my hands.

Ever since I joined Zigma5 I have experienced better call quality. Every single call sounds crystal clear and we are getting to take benefit of the features that comes along with their package and it’s very inspiring. The automated attendant answers every call and we like how we can get voicemail's to our email box. I try not to think about what we paid before with Nextiva, it was so costly.

User: JIM


A year back I wanted to get rid of either completely or by switching to something much cheaper VoIP providers. Because it was additional overhead that I could not able to manage. I had not made my mind up to either go with nothing or what. I've tried several other solutions, such as Google phone and HATED it. I certainly do appreciate the advice given by one of my friend who was using Zigma5, I explored their website And make a list of my queries, I was so glad when I called them and the staff answered me patiently and I am happy that I made a right decision.



Hey guys, last month I was intensely looking around, searching on different search engines for VoIP providers for several hours, and finally I made up my mind, that Zigma5 is far better than other huge competitors in Hosted PBX and VoIP services. Because I asked tons of questions from them and find their technical support is very satisfying and their services are budget friendly.

However please check, with the provider you're thinking of going with, first! And I am certain it will be a decision you will be proud of.



I have tried a couple of Hosted PBX providers and nobody’s offered anything satisfactory. Most of them tend to show the attractive features along their flexible services just to hit the juicy targets, and pretty much leave the rest of the stuff. I guess I am very lucky finding the right solution for my business phone plan in the form of Zigma5, I haven't had any problems what so ever!) Whereas I came across on different forums, people have experienced several Hosted PBX and VoIP providers and found them horrid, frustrating nightmare. For less annoyance, just go out and buy a new business plan for your all sized business.

Trust me, you won’t find your decision is wrong in future. You are not out of your luck.



I have used Skype, but am not impressed with their audio quality. There one of my friends advised me to try Zigma5, first I hesitate, but ultimately I find their services up to the mark. The thing I like the most is their customer support, and their detailed FAQ section, I am satisfied, they are smart guys with smart services! I personally suggest you guys must try them once as they are offering 1 month free services.



I have tried Ring Central phone services, but recently switched to Zigma5 because of their economical rates and quick service. If any of you want very cheap replacements (free inbound calling, low rate outbound) and don't mind getting and setting up an ATA device, and want to plan your needs, Zigma5 have a good bunch of people who will plan a lot of choices for you - all of them better than Ring Central.

If you don't want to deal with Ring Central, my suggestion is that you must look at a company like Zigma5 - they provide the adapter and configure it plug and call. Average cost is very cheap and the best part is with they are offering their exclusive features and flexible services across the globe. In the interest of being upfront, they're the company I use (for a primary /business line) and have had them for 5 years.Like I said, I had tried Ring Central (5 years back and then quit). I now use Zigma5 frequently for all my business communication purposes.


Zigma5 VS Nextiva!!! Would you like to switch? We have a better VoIP plan at a much better price than you are now paying.

If you are in the market for getting a VoIP plan for your business, we reassure you to read through our analysis about VoIP services, as well as our inclusive reviews and side-by-side comparison of the other top VoIP services, which include Nextiva, RingCentral VS Zigma5. We Do the Research for you So You get the best deal in your hand by the end of the day. As we know we have to deal with loads of glitches issues and problems on daily bases, and customer support play a key role in resolving any miner or major issues, Zigma5 customer support is one of the finest services you will find in the market, lets read what our customers and other customers are sharing their views about the services they are having…

Zigma5 Customer comments:

  • Posted: APRIL 18th, 2013
  • Customer Service: Excellent
  • Recommended: Yes

Reviewer Remarks:

As a current customer of Zigma5 and a call center manager, I have to say how great Zigma5 is. Each representative that I talk to is technically well-informed and very kind. Now a days finding people that have engineering knowledge with incredible customer support, are not easy. Actually I used to struggle with this challenge daily. Zigma5’s staff is amazing.

  • Company: Nextiva
  • Customer Service: Unsatisfactory
  • Recommended: No

Reviewer Comments:

Really sloppy customer service, sat on hold for 15mins in between the guy had a private conversation with his coworker, he assumed I was on mute!25mins later I solved my own issue with no help from them.

Zigma5 User Review:

I've been very pleased with Zigma5 and have suggested the service to every business in my building, literally. The customer service is outstanding. 100% happy.

Zigma5 VS Ringcentral and Nextiva!

Zigma5 has added an attractive addition into their extensive list of their exclusive features and that is the Address Book, the benefits you can gain through this amazing offer, such as Contact list private, Contact List Company Share, Import/export Contact List, etc. With this feature you can easily maintain your client’s contacts privately/officially and can easily import/export other addresses into your address book with just a simple click. We know how frustrated and don't you hate it when you like to get the appropriate personal contact details and not able to get it at the right time, now you can forget worrying about this.