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Speaking only in terms of system outage prevention, why is Zigma5 significantly better than other competitors?

Our business phone service clients often mention other company owners they know to us who are having the hard time with their phone service because their VoIP phone provider has a service breakdown usually for an hour or even a day which brings their business to a complete impasse.

When we inquire about which provider they use that keeps going down we come up with some amazing facts that even our top competitors are not able to deliver reliable service to their clients While Zigma5 is running 2 live setups, so in case of any service outage our servers automatically switchover, so the chance of our service outage is almost zero.

Anyone can ask from our customers that how many service outages have they experienced, and they can tell you from 2012 our service have never experienced an outage for a second even. If you can't get a reliable service from your service provider, then you're not speaking with a business phone provider that's worried enough about your business. As your business grow and you need more people with phones on their desks, Zigma5 will be the company, this is something you want to have. Because Zigma5 is the only company that brings reliable service with terrific customer service for their clients.