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  • Multiple Merchant Gateways
  • Rates Per Customer Type
  • Domains and DNS Management
  • Categories, Service and Plans
  • Defining Plans Prices and Invoicing
  • Customers Management
  • Softswitch Control
  • Export and Tools
  • Per Extension Control
  • Softswitch and PBX
  • Recordings to Email
  • Web Interface Over Recordings
  • Web Based FAX Interface
  • Statistics Information and Reports
  • Send and Receive faxes through web portal
  • Call Detail Record (CDR)

Multiple merchant Gateways

The billing is capable to use multiple merchant gateways at the same time. Depending on the settings at the user profile, it will charge the credit card in fully automated mode by proceeding the charge in the background.


Rates per Customer Type

It is possible to have multiple customer types ( such as: Residential, Corporate, Enterprise etc.) and to configure to each customer type it’s own rate.

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Domains and DNS management

Our system follows the multi-domain concept and is capable to handle multiple domains and unlimited sub-domains under one system. At the same time the billing is able to manage it’s own DNS server, and in managed mode to create DNS records & sub-domains.

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Categories, Service and Plans

Our system allows you to create and holds your products under multiple categories, and includes them to the plans for each customer type separately. voip

Defining Plans prices and Invoicing

There are three ways to create a plan and to include your products into it: Global plan, visible to all the customers User specific plan, dedicated and visible to only predefined customers Combo plans (Combined and discounted from multiple plans) One plan can contain multiple prices depending on quantity of the services or user inputs. You can create recurring plans, one time plans or pro-rated plans. hosted pbx

Customers Management

The billing is coming with very flexible way to manage your customers. You can allow public sign-up, restricted sign-up, or e-mail verified. There is an embedded helpdesk, news management, affiliates, and reselling program.


Softswitch Control

Billing, registration and pbx functionality are located on different multi node environment, based on this fact our system capabilities are unlimited.

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Export and Tools

Our system is coming with very sophisticated tools to export different data such as: Transaction records, invoices, user statistics and many others. It is also coming with the tool compatible with QuickBooks software.

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Per extension Control

If you want to charge your customers per extension based under one domain, it is possible to do it from the Softswitch level by providing advance configuration in PBX and Softswitch simultaneously.


Softswitch and PBX

If you want to use the Prepaid mode, and to allow the calls in the limit of the prepaid balance it is easily configurable on the current Softswitch. The rates on the Softswitch are different from rates predefined for PBX, which is giving you extra flexibility.



Recordings to Email

Every recorded conversations on the PBX will be sent to your email box with attached link. Email will contain information about: who called and to who, Name and Caller ID, Duration and recorded conversation. The file is not fully attached in order to save the space on your laptop or handheld device and will be downloaded only if you will want to listen the conversation. The text is per extension based and is fully customizable based on predefined templates.

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Web interface over Recordings

If you enabled Call Recordings on your PBX,- now you can manage them from the Billing. You can listen, download or delete recorded calls based on your requirements. Another very nice feature is that if the conversation has been recorded,- the unmanaged link will appear in the CDR to listen to it.

Web based FAX Interface

If you are using virtual FAX services,- now you can view, print and manage all of your faxes. You can organize, preview, forward and sent unlimited faxes trough friendly interface.



Statistics Information and reports

You have a option now to see your usage statistics. If you want to compare your usage for last few weeks, months or predefined period of time you can check statistics page based on calls amount or minutes provided. You can apply different filters and export all diagrams.


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Send and Receive faxes through web portal

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Call Detail Record (CDR)

In order to reflect current status of your PBX’s,- every customer will have a page about online status of his domains.


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